Behind Bars Race Cars
Manufacturing championship winning parts

Welcome to Behind Bars race Cars. BBRC, a custom fabrication shop with over 13 years experience building custom forced induction systems (specializing in turbo installations), custom chassis setups, customized fuel systems, one-off billet parts, and many other specialized setups for your ride. Whether for the street or the dragstrip, BBRC is the solution. Behind Bars Race Cars has designed and manufactured innovative products for some of today’s biggest names in professional racing such as 7-time NMRA Champion John Urist, 2-time NMRA champion Rich Groh, 2-time NMRA Champion Justin Burcham, Bruce Hemminger, Dwayne James, Michael Washington, AJ Powell, Chris Tuten, Gilliam Bros., Chad Doyle, and many others. BBRC is also responsible for some crazy street cars, such as Neil Beckers 1200hp turbocharged ‘93 Mustang GT, Les Omori’s 1400 HP daily driven Twin Turbo Grand National, Gus Katsis’ 1200HP Twin Turbo GNX, Jason Toma’s 1600HP Twin Turbo ‘82 Vette, and a handful of others making freakish horsepower. Providing you with professional craftsmanship and quality of the highest level is the mainstay of Behind Bars Race Cars. Remember, Behind Bars Race Cars can handle any of your projects no matter what they are – custom turbo setups, fuel systems, current-spec chassis, custom fabricated parts…anything you need. Behind Bars Race Cars. In the winners circle with racers across the country.